Principles of Jesus on Financial Blessings (#one)

There is a covenant of financial blessing between Jesus and everyone who dares to believe in him. However, the understanding of the difference between the person of Jesus and the Principles of Jesus is paramount in activating this. I’ll examine the book of Haggai in this first series. God spoke to the people of Judah... Continue Reading →


Colleges: Like The Walls of Jericho Ought To Be Broken Down

Value is the currency being spent by college graduates in the professional arena. The mandatory necessity placed on getting a college education is driven by the knowledge it adds to students; such knowledge equates to value and the value is converted into the currency being spent. The purport of this article is to examine the... Continue Reading →


Do you not think that it is time you gave your life to Jesus? Why do you hesitate? Jesus didn’t hesitate to lay down his crown in heaven to come to the earth to die for your sins. Really why do you still refuse to embrace his love? For the scriptures records in John 3vs16... Continue Reading →

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