Colleges: Like The Walls of Jericho Ought To Be Broken Down

Value is the currency being spent by college graduates in the professional arena. The mandatory necessity placed on getting a college education is driven by the knowledge it adds to students; such knowledge equates to value and the value is converted into the currency being spent. The purport of this article is to examine the groundbreaking effect of over dependency on traditional colleges as opposed to school of entrepreneurship which the writer advises to be embraced as opposed to traditional colleges. We must challenge the status quo because we need to ask the question how valuable is this currency being spent? It is pitiable that colleges have resisted change for so long, which in turn has watered down the value it contributes to the society via the students. Like the walls of Jericho the college walls ought to be broken down and rebuilt but this time with a different brick.


Time changes all things! Having transcended from an era where horses and carriages were the sole means of transportation to having cars electronically powered shows the nexus between time and change! Heraclitus said “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” Change is propelled by a vision; this writer envisions that the educational sector is bound to embrace “Schools of Entrepreneurship” in the future. A learning environment populated by entrepreneurs and innovators is being advocated for where what is learnt is constantly in the field of practice and actualization in lieu of theoretical jargons. This is necessary to matchup with the current socio-economic demand which clamor for more employers of labor as opposed to employees.


The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the unemployment rate of college graduates as at March 2017 peaks at 2.4 percent. The statistics is quite alarming but not surprising by reason of the floodgate of employees produced in colleges. It is time to introduce and adopt a worldwide educational transformation. This vision however is already alive in the hearts of men such as Isaac Morehouse the founder of Praxis, an institution set up as an alternative to college and a professional accelerator program. Praxis is a boot camp and apprentice learning platform designed to train and educate young entrepreneurs on the path to self discovery and sustainability.


In conclusion, It is natural to fear change but has Fred C. Koch advised don’t take counsel of your fears. This is a change to the traditional learning style which has being in play from time immemorial and it will be expected that such proposition will be resisted but it is the hope of this writer that the proposed change will be embraced as opposed to being resisted.


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